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Email Feedback sent from a new customer Caroline: "This is our interesting feedback. Daisy is the one the order was shipped to. She is 87 and her husband is 94. He was having extreme back pain. They were saying it was arthritis, but nothing gave him any relief. After taking the juice for one week, he could sit and not complain of his back hurting. So they will be a continuing customer of the Prickly Pear Blend. We are sold on the juice. Thank you." Caroline and Daisy. (January 24, 2012)


AMAZON Customer: "This is a great juice... It slowed my arthritic pain. I loved the taste. The shipping and price needs to come down. But overall it is a terrific drink. It does exactly as it states. I have more energy also. Prickly Pear Pure Blend (1-Bottle)... Miraculous!!!!! It tastes great in apple juice, cranberry juice, & excellent alone. It definitely is a superfruit." (January 18, 2012)


"I like the unique flavor. I especially like adding it to my breakfast smoothies or mixed in my apple juice. Already I'm feeling the health benefits from it!” Anonymous


"At the end of my work day when I'm driving home, I usually feel tired like my blood sugar is low, and I feel sleepy at the wheel. But since I've been drinking a small amount of the Nopal concentrate during my lunch hour, I've noticed my blood sugar level feels more balanced for the rest of the day. Then I don't feel so drowsy driving home anymore." Denise


"Hello Kevin... Thank you VERY much for the Nopal powder. I find it to be more energy producing than the red fruit concentrate, but I like both a lot. I have a suggestion you may want to pass on to your customers as a way to mix up the Nopal powder. It doesn't make it dissolve but mixes it with water or juices extremely well. It is a bottle shaker (Blender Bottle) with a metal whisk inside it that really works. You just open the flip top in the lid and drink right from the bottle immediately after shaking, add a little more water if you want to repeat the process to make sure you get all of the Nopal powder out. There are several brands. I am placing a new order for the red fruit concentrate and will get more powder when I run out. Many thanks for the package of Nopal powder. I look forward to future business with your company and communications with you. G.K.


"This is the first natural supplement i have ever used that really knocked the inflammation out of my whole body. The powder is also good but does not work as well for me. These are two of the finest products I have ever used, and I have tried a lot of different products. I am 74 and still learning about staying healthy and mobile." Thanks again, W.M. (10/1/2011)


"You mailed them on Thursday, got them on Saturday! THANK YOU!! You were right! The new bottles have: Pretty shape. Perfect seal. Pretty color juice. DELICIOUS TASTE -- so delicious that can be drank by itself! So delicious, that Aloe Vera juice can be added to it almost 50-50, and still tastes great (pure Aloe Vera tastes awful). If one adds a little pure Black Cherry concentrate which is thick, sweet, and has no additives at all...HEAVEN! I'm so delighted that I don't have to juice vegetables twice/day any more, just to hid the taste of the cactus and aloe Vera juices!! Athena (10/31/2011)


AMAZON Customer: "I use this powder (and the liquid) in smoothies. In a rush, I think either is okay with OJ or coffee. I use this product to help reduce chronic muscle pain and have found it helps. I will continue to use and respond. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. (10/31/11)


AMAZON Customer: "It arrived earlier than expected in good condition. Happy product tasted good, as I've heard some complaints about competitors' products. This Prickly Pear Blend from Prickly Pear Products is delicious! I drink it straight but my son likes to dilute in juice. Either way it tastes great & the antioxidant properties are notieably helping me with my issues of inflammation, digestion, and appetite. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. (11/17/2011)


"You wanted my feedback on the juice, I forgot to send ours. My mother takes hers and she said she couldn't really tell there was a big change, but I think she feels better when she takes it. Her blood work was better than before she started taking it. As for myself, I notice there is no swelling in my knees but doesn't seem to do much for the pain in my kneews. However, it seems that my back is better... Overall, we enjoy drinking it and I do like the fact that I do not have large swollen knees... My older sister said she felt better also. She is anxious to order more, but is in the process of moving." Thanks again, Shirley. (11/30/2011)


AMAZON Customer: "Speedy delivery and great customer service! "So I don't know how to simply review the seller, but they really got the customer service thing down - or at least with my experience. I got my package in like 3-4 days, well wrapped in bubble wrap. He sent an email saying when he shipped it and when it would likely arrive and gave me info about the product. This juice is smooth and tasty. It is NOT soley "Prickly Pear" juice. Its a mix of other juices as well, but even with that mix, I noticed an improvement in my forearm potential carpal tunnel pain. I definitely had a good experience and I'll very likely be purchasing more in the future." Amazon Customer rated 5 out of 5 stars. (12/26/2011)


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