At Prickly Pear Products, LLC, we provide health and nutrition from the desert by selling premier Prickly Pear Juices and Prickly Pear and Nopal powders:

I. Prickly Pear Juices:

We're proud to announce our newest high-quality premium brand of Prickly Pear Juice Concentrate now being manufactured within the USA:
Nochtli - 100% Prickly Pear & Nopal:
This newest juice concentrate made in the USA, was popularly introduced at the Anaheim Convention Center in California during the "Natural Products Expo West" trade show in March 2012. This is a "whole food" product and the most concentrated of our prickly pear juices. The nutritious fibers that are present in this product are in line with the plants as they would be in nature as nothing has been removed, thus preserving the high pectin content. The main ingredient is prickly pear puree with a little Nopal puree added. No water or other juices are added. For more information on this product, click on this link.
Announcement Regarding:
"Prickly Pear Pure Blend"
We're always looking to raise the bar of quality from good, to better, to best. With that in mind, we have recently replaced our "Prickly Pear Pure Blend" Juice Concentrate with Nochtli. The difference is that Nochtli does not have any other juices added. In our opinion, this is the best prickly pear juice concentrate we've found.

II. Prickly Pear and Nopal Powders:

We have two separate powders available -- one which comes 100% from the red Prickly Pear Fruit and the other which comes 100% from the green Nopal cactus pad.
(1.) Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder:
This is the newest powder to be sold to consumers and comes from the Prickly Pear Fruit which grows on the Nopal Cactus. It is produced in the USA, and is receiving great reviews by all who have tried it. For more information, click on this link.

(2.) Nopal Dehydrated Cactus Powder:

Our dehydrated Nopal cactus powder comes from the green leaf pads of the Nopal cactus and is rich in fiber. It isn't tasty like the prickly pear powder, and has sort of a grittiness due to the high fiber content of the cactus. But there are many consumers who have also claimed that it has helped them with inflammation issues. People don't purchase it for it's flavor but for the benefits it provides them. For more information, click here.